Simple backups for
PostgreSQL, MySQL and Files.

So that you can sleep soundly at night.

Start backing up precious data
The most precious thing your application has is the data your users entrusted you with. Keeping it safe should be the one thing you don't skimp on.
Servers can go down, but can bring those back up, your users will forgive you.
If the database disappears, your users will leave you.


Daily, weekly & monthly full database backups
Backup PostgreSQL databases
Backup MySQL databases
Backup files over SSH (e.g. Redis "rdb" files)
Create a backup on-demand (e.g. before a tricky migration)
Get emailed when a backup fails
Backups are all encrypted at rest
Worry less about disaster scenarios


$0 /month
1 GB Storage
1 GB Data Transfer
$20 /month
25 GB Storage
10 GB Data Transfer
Email support
$100 /month
250 GB Storage
100 GB Data Transfer
Custom cron based schedules
$250 /month
1500 GB Storage
250 GB Data Transfer
Use your own S3 account
Questions? Talk to a founder via email.

Transparent pricing details—

All PlainBackups paid accounts are fully-managed by us, on our servers. That means we take care of uptime, server maintenance, security, and updates to our software (which all customers get for free). If paying customers are having trouble setting up backups we can help with that.
We have a simple and fair billing policy: if you go over your storage or data transfer, we won’t suspend your account or turn off your backups. Instead, we email you when it’s time to upgrade based on consistent overages.
We do not offer refunds, but you can cancel your account at any time and you’ll never have to pay again.
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